Family Fun in the Sun at Cotton Beach Resort - By Dana's Family Adventures

Join Dana and her family as they embark on a sun-soaked adventure at Cotton Beach Resort in Casuarina, NSW. Discover how this beachfront paradise became the perfect playground for both relaxation and family fun.

3/12/20242 min read

boy in wetsuit jumping on shore
boy in wetsuit jumping on shore

As a family that loves to explore and make memories together, we were on the hunt for a vacation spot that could cater to our adventurous spirits while providing the comforts of home. That's when we stumbled upon Cotton Beach Resort in Casuarina, New South Wales, and it was love at first sight.

A Home Away from Home

Our three-bedroom apartment at the resort was a dream come true. Spacious, modern, and fully self-contained, it was the perfect base for our family of four. The kids were thrilled to have their own rooms, and the fully equipped kitchen meant we could easily whip up meals, making our stay both convenient and cost-effective.

Beachfront Bliss

One of the best parts of Cotton Beach Resort is its stunning location, right on the beach. We spent our mornings building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and soaking up the sun. The beach was never too crowded, which gave us a sense of privacy and tranquility.

Poolside Paradise

When we weren't at the beach, you could find us by the resort's lagoon-style pool. With two pools to choose from, one of which was heated, the kids had a blast swimming and playing while my husband and I lounged on the sunbeds with a good book. The pool area was beautifully landscaped, creating a tropical oasis that made every day feel like a getaway.

Exploring Casuarina and Beyond

Cotton Beach Resort's location in Casuarina proved to be an ideal starting point for our excursions. We took a family bike ride along the coastal path, exploring the picturesque surroundings. A short drive took us to Kingscliff, where we indulged in some local shopping and dining.

One of the highlights of our trip was a visit to the nearby Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, where we got up close with Australian wildlife. The kids were fascinated by the kangaroos, koalas, and colorful birds, making it an educational and fun experience for all.

Family-Friendly Amenities

The resort itself offered plenty of family-friendly amenities. The kids were delighted with the children's play area, and we all enjoyed the convenience of having an on-site cafe/restaurant. The secure underground parking was a bonus, giving us peace of mind.

A Vacation to Remember

Our stay at Cotton Beach Resort was everything we hoped for and more. It provided the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, allowing us to spend quality time as a family and create lasting memories. The resort's comfortable accommodations, stunning location, and family-friendly amenities made it an ideal choice for our vacation.

As we packed our bags to leave, we knew one thing for sure - we would be back. Cotton Beach Resort in Casuarina, NSW, had captured our hearts, and we couldn't wait to return for another round of family fun in the sun.